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Privacy Policy
great love using your international credit profile way
the contents of this policy covered include: how to love international credit collect or process personal information received (including information related to your past use love international credit services ). Personal information refers to information to identify you and not the public, such as name, address, e-mail address or phone number.
This Privacy Policy applies only to love the international credit
this policy does not apply to non-love of all companies or international credit control, does not apply to non-international love to hire or credit management people.

Data collection and use of
in love when you sign international credit account, using the great love of international credit products or services, browse the Web page love international credit or some partners, and enter promotions or giveaways game , love international credit will collect your personal information. Love international credit may also obtain your personal information from business partners or other companies at these data with great love and international credit have combined with your personal information.
International Credit love what information will be collected
when you love international credit register, we will ask about your nickname, email address, and you generate a set of love international credit accounts. After you sign up for love international credit account and sign in to our services, you are free to choose whether to fill in the details of basic information including your real name, birth date, gender, zip code and address, as well as personal interests and other information. When you love the initiative to contact the international credit, ask questions or suggestions, we will collect the information you provide in the process.
Love your international credit collect information to trade with us or our business partners including your purchase history, real name, phone number, address, email address and payment information required to complete. Love international credit also automatically receives and records information on your computer and browser, including IP addresses, love international credit cookie information, software and hardware attributes, and record your web browsing.

Love international credit information gathering purposes
Information Love international credit collected for the following purposes: Customized advertising and content you see: for example, the international credit will love you type search by keyword, to recommend more of your favorite Content.
Fulfill your requests for products and services: for example, love the international credit preserves your recent searches so you can quickly review carried out when the love of international credit page last used activity.
Improve our services: for example, love the international credit will record your report, in order to quickly improve resolved.
Contact you: for example, the international credit would love to send occasional newsletters, service announcements and the latest management information until your e-mail, and send the notifications based on your settings.
Market research: for example, might love the international credit based on the type of article to understand your past habits of the most talked about, type a keyword or consulting projects.
Internal and external customers anonymous report: for example, love after international credit data may provide your personal information to identify the analysis and production of reports for internal or third-party reference.
Love international credit-based business and legal requirements to save your data, to love international credit operations and provide the required period of service is limited preservation period.
The rights that you have
, you can request access to information about you at any time, or request a copy love international credit.
You can always love the big international credit management page within “My Account” to update the information you provide, as well as check or check whether changes are willing to receive love from international credit operations with e-mail push.
You can always request international credit love to stop using or delete your specific information, but may lead to love international credit can not continue to provide you with services in technology, for example, love the international credit may have to temporarily disable, or permanently delete your account.

Information sharing and disclosure
except to provide you with products or services you have requested, your authorization, or the following circumstances, the international credit or love will not sell your loan or to any other person’s personal or non-business relationship information, or to share:

We love to perform international credit business with us or work with a trusted partner to have signed confidentiality agreement on behalf of providing such information. These companies may use your personal information to assist in the international credit information on matters of love and our marketing partners to provide products and services, communicate with you. However, these companies no independent right to share this information.
We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, acquisition or exercise of legal rights, or to request an action brought on the defensive.
We believe that in order to investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, there are potential threats to personal security, in violation of international credit for the love of the Terms of Service, or to take countermeasures against the above-mentioned circumstances, or as otherwise required by law, but it is necessary Share your personal information is.
If you love the international credit is acquired by or merged with another company we will forward your personal data transferred to the company. If this happens, love international credit will notify you before your information is transferred and will apply different privacy policy.
International credit would love to show the precise type of marketing ads to you based on your profile. Advertisers (including ad delivery companies) may assume that those views, click-through advertising or marketing person precise type of interaction with ads meet the precise type of marketing standards, such as within a particular geographic region 18-24 year old female.
When you browse the precise type of marketing or advertising to interact with an ad, love the international credit will not provide any of your personal information to advertisers. However, once the viewing ads or interact with an ad, you agree that advertiser may assume that you meet the precise formula marketing standard display ads to be used.
Love international credit advertisers include financial service providers (such as banks, insurance agents, stock brokers and mortgage lenders) and non-financial companies (such as stores, airlines, and software companies).
International Credit and love all walks of suppliers, partners, advertisers, and other service providers working, include:
Google – AdMob, AdSense, GAM ( Google Ad Manager), GA (Google Analytics), Firebase, love by international credit data analysis service offered by Google, while Google advertising purposes, continuous improvement websites and mobile platforms, to provide you with a better user experience. About Google’s privacy policy, please see: https: // hl = zh- TW & gl = tw?.
Facebook – love international credit provided by Facebook ads for remarketing (Retargeting), that is, you have visited in love international credit web content, advertising will be a way of re-presented to you on Facebook. Cookie
love will set international credit and access to international credit love cookie on your computer, which is a small information file, when you browse love international credit website, will be stored on your computer or mobile apparatus. The main categories are divided into the cookie session cookie, persistent cookie former did not set a certain shelf life, when you close your browser, session cookie will be automatically deleted, and the latter set a certain shelf life (eg one month), unless the expiration of the period or if you manually delete, persistent cookie would have been saved on your computer or mobile device.
cookie functionality will enhance your browsing experience, for example, to help you remember signed, eliminating the need to sign in each repetition of the procedure before the start browsing. cookie love also help international credit understand your browsing behavior, make love international credit recommendations you might be interested.
According to functional differences cookie, there are the following types:
the necessary type of cookie (Strictly Necessary cookies): this type of cookie is to maintain the great love of international credit necessary for the operation of the website, if you delete the site will lead to not work properly.
Functional cookie (Functionality cookies): this type of cookie to remember your browser preferences, such as your browsing history, language and region, type, and so on mobile devices, to provide the best browsing experience in line with your needs.
Analytical cookie (Performance cookies): this type of cookie to make love to collect international credit you use this Site, such as your most visited which pages to analyze whether the site has room for improvement, in order to provide you with better experience.
The advertising cookie (Advertising cookies): this type of cookie for marketing purposes to provide accurate advertising for you, for example, based on your past and clicked on the content, serving special offers that may interest you.
Third-party cookie (Third-Party cookies): this type of cookie is promised to love some other companies advertise on international credit and access the web page set on your computer’s cookie. Other companies will use their cookie according to their own privacy policies, not in accordance with this policy, love can not assure you that such international credit can delete or deactivate cookie, but advertisers or other companies can not access international sign of love cookie letter.
International credit would love to access our cookie-related sites and services inside and outside.
Confidentiality and security of
love international credit information you provide will be kept confidential, and is limited to use within the purpose of compliance with this Privacy Policy.
We have taken the entities comply with regulatory requirements, network systems and safeguards to protect the security of your personal information.
Privacy policy revision
love international credit policy may be revised at any time. When we have a major change in the handling of personal data, will be sent to inform you specify in love in the major international credit account email address, or by posting notices on our website.
Issues and Recommendations
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at Customer Service.

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